RIG Mobility

This is the most happening corner of our organization with superior design, and elegance of simple solutions. Our solutions redefine the way we communicate and collaborate in this dynamically changing world. Our Enterprise Mobility Business Processes aims to bring user experience with global connectivity anytime and anywhere.

Next-generation mobile enterprise

Mobility has been accepted as the favorite child of technology. Our generation has witnessed the greatest innovations of our times. The evolution of mobile devices from its inception was able to make calls, to providing enterprise email and data on the moving on to application services that have the potent, potential to change the world the way it communicates and does business. Mobility can help companies leverage precise, essential and in-time data more effectively to their customers.

Mobile technologies are defining the way Enterprises does business from fixed location to the limitlessness across the world. Enterprises are on the cusp of realizing the immense potential of mobile technology. Customers do find it difficult and challenging to unlock the opportunity offered by mobile devices.

Challenges and Opportunities (Mobility Business Processes)

Mobility is the bridge between the business and consumer. As this gap is disappearing faster and faster Enterprises and workforce are revamping their concepts on business processes to leverage the potential benefits of mobile technologies. These concepts are mobility-centric business processes which involve technologies like SMAC (social, mobility, cloud, and analytics) and use these data to influence the way the workforce and enterprises work today.

Emerging & Empowering Mobility Implementations

The fast pace and the innovations in mobile technologies combined with a multiplicity of platforms and releases have overrun the budgets of companies. Mobility today has opened new horizons for business processes, but managing mobile implementation is becoming a complex affair. Enterprises need to renew the models they used in IT landscape and look for mobility specific business models as in on demand, pay per use pricing models for app users.

RIG value add

RIG helps enterprises in revamping their business models and implementing mobility to maximize the ROI and growth potential. We ensure a continuative of business cycles to deliver efficient results by latest mobile technology, engagement models, and process integrations.

Our mobility Services include from business consulting to business solutions to intellectual based property mobile solutions. We help our customers in application development across all mobile platforms and operating systems, maintenance and mobile testing services along with industry domain expertise.

  • Integrating Holistic Approach
  • Strategy
  • Business models
  • Mobile Technology

RIG mobility solutions help our customers to create new highs of efficiency with a mobile-driven business process. Our prebuilt frameworks and components help faster turnaround time.