RIG Invento team is the most innovative and inspiring corner in our organization where Technology is married to Design. Creativity permeates in everything we do in our daily lives. Our innovations are Human Centric. In this transforming digital market world, we are focused on enriching and enhancing the way the world interacts-integrates and inspire. Bringing in focus things that matter.

Digital Media is the revolution for the emerging marketing landscape as the new medium for Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud. As Digital technology bring in exciting opportunities, due to the dynamically changing business models it also brings new challenges. The fast changing demands in customer expectations and is able to analyze volumes of data and track competition and measure and predict ROI and also manage cross-channel campaigns has added complexity to digital marketing landscape.

RIG combination of technology experience, domain expertise and working with marketing technology vendors, we are able to offer the best in industry digital strategies for our customers. Especially as digital has become the core the Enterprise's strategy our digital analytics solutions tackle data to supplement sales and improve customer satisfaction. Our solutions are focused on driving our customers increase marketing ROI and achieving their Business objectives.

Global marketing business processes and structures have drastically reshaped with the explosion of digital data. We help enterprises to adopt digital marketing strategies to create agile and future-proof business models. Campaigning through digital data and asset management customers can target content across applicable and varying channels to address the right audience.

RIG service offerings in Digital can help enterprises with their digital strategy planning and digital campaigning's and access digital analytics for a rich user experience. RIG excellences include the digital marketing plan and design, campaigning management, analytical and intuitive insights across social and VOC channels, Marketing Analytics and Digital customer experience, design, and delivery.

RIG spectrum of digital marketing services includes comprehensive consulting, in-depth understanding of business objectives, requirements assessments, roadmap, implementation and execution of these strategies and campaigns. To top it all for enterprises we already have a matured digital presence, we enhance their digital presence in marking product to enrich their digital value chain.