RIG Cloud Solutions deliver agility and low-cost solutions, allowing the development and deployment of applications, quickly and seamlessly. Using cloud -based solutions are intuitive and mobile ready and offer a rich user experience across channels. Our Cloud integration tools allow the new applications to be fully integrated with the current landscape allowing agility, lower cost and business alignment.


Many businesses globally are built on applications which are unable to respond effectively to the demanding business trends. As robust technologies like SMAC - (Social, Mobility, Cloud & Analytics) emerged which respond effectively to today's business needs. The legacy systems lag back and are unable to communicate with each other.

Newer enterprises like GAFTA have taken an approach to building highly scalable and automated solutions to transform their existing infrastructure by taking advantage of technologies like GAFTA, at a reduced cost, to clear those disparate legacy systems. This automation helps to keep pace with the demanding business needs in Information Technology.

Businesses Practices and Enterprises are taking advantage of the power of such modernized software to run their IT infrastructure with consistent pace, automation, remapping legacy business processed and remain agile with a combination of on-premises infrastructure, public, private and hybrid clouds.

Challenges and opportunities

Enterprises which wanted to tap into this agile and responsive technology are turning to the cloud. Cloud has become an integral part of IT strategy. With so many varieties of clouds in the market, public, private and hybrid cloud, it's become important to choose the right partner to design and implement a befitting cloud strategy for businesses.

RIG Cloud Services help Enterprises and Business make right decisions befitting their requirements and maximizing their ROI on their cloud investments. We understand customer legacy systems and applications and allowing us to deploy the right solutions to bring cloud strategies to life eventually laying the platform for our customers for a future digital enterprise.

RIG Value Add

Hybrid Cloud Transformation

We ensure to leverage the best befitting cloud strategy for your business avenues. Not only do we make an analysis of customer business objectives, we ensure secure, significant and careful evaluation which applications should be hosted to the cloud and which would be retained in the private cloud or within the premises. At RIG, we have the capabilities to meet and the need of our customer with a hybrid IT environment.

Our Hybrid cloud services ensure seamless migration of applications to the cloud, integrating the applications and data migration across private, public clouds. Our services include:

  • Private Cloud Implementation services
  • Public Cloud Implementation services
  • Cloud Integration services
  • Workload Migration services
  • Cloud Operations services
  • Cloud application Development services
  • Cloud Assurance services

Workload Migration Transformation

Running the workload seamlessly off the cloud infrastructure determines the true value of your investments. To ensure a smooth operation of this workload is paramount to improve efficiency. Our services include:

  • Windows / Linux migration services
  • Unix migration services
  • Mainframe migration services
  • SAP-HANA migration services

SAP on Cloud

ERP systems, mainly SAP are looking to improve performance using the cloud technologies. RIG helps business-critical SAP workflows to the cloud and integrating businesses processes to improve performance, seamless operations on-premises and on the cloud. Our services include:

  • SAP-HANA migration services
  • SAP Simplification services

Cloud Security Services

In the cloud migration strategy, Security is the main concern every customer faces moving data and applications to the cloud. An Enterprise needs a thorough understanding of the complexities that come with cloud migration and ensure to industry regulations while meeting the requirement of the business.

RIG cloud security transformation helps clients to define a strategy and helps in proactively tackling the growing security threat. Our services include:

  • Cloud Assurance services
  • GRC services (Governance, Risk, and Compliance)
  • Data Security services
  • API Security services