RIG Analytics puts in place the business objectives to allow better operative and strategic decisions. The Data the processes, analytical tools and the user interface enables faster insights to qualitative and reliable decision making. Enabling customer experiences with potent, powerful and practical insights for strategic and intuitive decision making across processes and business and their customers.


In the "Era of Information Technology," business decisions are based on up-to-the-minute. When it comes to Data management and governance are the most challenging for an Enterprise. Customers can miss business opportunities from deleted analysis.

Enterprises today are struggling to respond to strategic opportunity emerging from the plethora of data they possess. Just to give you some statics of digital according to Fisheo's Internet Facts 2014, a staggering 72 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute. And each day, roughly 4 billion YouTube videos are viewed.

Enterprises those who take advantage of data analytics are able to realize the benefits of into real-time, agile, predictable and business ready insights.


RIG helps customers in the retail industry to improve competitive analysis based on competitor data with our scalable solution to ingest and Pre-analyzed web data every few minutes, which leads to an efficient pricing that impacts the business positively.

We also create intelligible solutions across a platform that quickly creates customer segments according to their interactions and behavior patterns. Our solutions can source real-time data from multiple channels and data sources from leading social media sites and integrate DPI within the solutions. The result is you have customer's insights and which helps in turn to build new analytical offerings creating a new revenue channel for our customers.

RIG Data Analytics

RIG Data Analytics provide insight for Enterprise build for superior performance. Enterprises take advantage of our Data Analytics.

  • Universal connectivity
  • Real-time insights
  • Predictable insigh
  • Business Ready
  • Integration with business models